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This page contains information regarding the horses we have for sale. 
It will give you basic information about purchasing a horse from us. Please read the information below.

Please click the link to see our:  Foals For Sale  & Mares Page  
for our horses listed for sale.  Our stallion, I C Champagne, is also for sale.  See his page for information. 

All of our horses are negative for the 5 panel diseases.

The 5 panel diseases are:

We disclose all 5 panel disease tests on our horses for sale.  We provide copies of those tests to the purchaser and to those who ask to see copies.  AQHA is the holder of the records and you can call them to obtain the test results as well.   

We will give live foal guarantees IF there is a stud fee paid for purchased mares.  If no stud fee is paid, we do not give live foal guarantees since there is no stud fee that has been paid and we consider this a free breeding.  If we tell you that the mare has been exposed to a specific stallion, there will be a breeders certificate issued for that mare to that stallion.  Unless we state otherwise, the resulting foal will be the property of the person who purchases the mare. 

Purchaser is responsible for coggins, health certificate, any required shots, microchips and any additional testing that is needed.  

We will give the purchaser the telephone number of the vet that will come to our ranch to pull the coggins and do a health exam.  The purchaser is responsible to get in touch with this vet and pre-pay for the coggins, health certificate and any other tests that the purchaser would like to have done.  

Purchaser is responsible for all shipping charges and quarantine charges.

We will provide a halter and lead rope for horses that are being transported by a transport company.  If you are picking your horse up, please bring a halter and lead rope.

Purchaser responsible for board costs.  We try to keep board cost to a minimum. 

No foals/sucklings on their dams will have board costs until weaned.  We give purchasers time to arrange for the weanlings to be picked up and purchaser will know what the board fees are, if any. 

Deposits are non-refundable, once you agree to purchase a horse we expect you to purchase the horse.  We will hold that horse for you and not sell it to anyone else until such time as the agreed to transaction is completed in one way or another.  

If you default in payment, the horse will be relisted for sale.  We are sorry to have to take this stand but when you put a deposit on a horse, then we are not able to sell it to anyone else.  If you back out of the sale, we have lost any potential sale to someone else during that time you had the horse in a holding pattern.  

We do not hold horses without the agreed to deposit.  
We do not hold horses if payments agreed to are not received.

Please ask any questions you have prior to the sale of the horse.
405-830-0921     iwltrvl@att.net