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~~I ~C~ Champagne ~~
For Sale: $9,500

I C is a 2013 Classic Champagne Stallion 
He is registered with AQHA and is 91% NFQHA Registered

He has had six months of training under saddle but needs to be finished.  He produces beautiful foals and is easy to handle.  
He is good with mares and foals.  Additioanlly, since he carries both black and red factor, he can produce both black and red based foals. They will always receive his champagne gene. 

Sire: Mjk Vanzi King Glo (Now in Australia)
Dam: Cross Bar Java

Color tested: Ee/aa/CHCH.
Heterozygous black/recessive agouti and homozygous champagne. 
His foals will always receive a champagne gene from him. 

Negative for the 5 panel disease tests. 

Pedigree:   I C
I C Champagne at 18 months old.